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[Хак] Read PMs (PM Management Suite Lite)

Тема в разделе "Хаки, моды и скрипты 3.8.x", создана пользователем cupin06, 8 июл 2013.

  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This hack can only be used by Super Administrators.
    What Does This Hack Do?
    IMPORTANT: This hack is feature complete and there will be NO further updates, apart from fixing proven bugs and adding additional language files. The reason this hack exists is to showcase/demo the potential of our commercial PM Management Suite 3 product and most, if not all, feature requests will already be included in the commercial product.
    This is the Lite version of my commercial product - PM Management Suite 3. For obvious reasons, we can not talk about pricing for the PM Management Suite here, as it would be in violation of vBulletin.org's Commercial/Paid Modifications rules. So that we do not accidentally violate the rules, can you please post any and all questions regarding my commercial product at Wolfshead Solutions instead of here.
    This Lite version is a major update (a virtual re-write, there is very little original code left) of Dream's Read PMs hack v0.7. Permission for me to release this hack is shown here, and blessings are given by Dream here.
    This hack will allow you as a Super Administrator to read your member's private messages.
    Please, lets not get into a discussion in this support thread about the suitability of this hack and invading privacy etc, (I have seen this happen in other threads, so, I am pre-empting people before it starts). If you have a moral objection to this hack, please don't comment on it, just don't install it, it is as simple as that. This hack is here for people who want to use it, I have no opinion about it one way or the other.
    Original Features by Dream:
    List PMs separated by sent/received given a username or id
    List all users with PMs
    Search PMs by exact text, all words and at least one of the words
    List the latest X PMs sent
    Fixed in this lite version:
    BBCode in PMs is now parsed correctly !!!!
    To and BCC fields when reading a single PM now display correctly
    If a PM is displayed in Latest X PMs that has been deleted by all parties (from, to, cc, bcc) and it has not yet been deleted permanently by the hourly cron job, it will display a proper error message when clicking on the link for it, instead of displaying a database error
    Any PMs that a user sent to others that included the themselves in the To or BCC now show up in Received PMs (they did not before)
    High server load when clicking List Users with PMs, especially if there are 1000s of users that have PMs (now split into categories acording to how many PMs a user has)
    Added in this lite version:
    Now completely phrased (uses a language file that has 75 custom phrases that take the form $rpmphrase['phrase_name']), so can be translated into other languages very easily by creating a separate phrase file for each language
    Now available in 7 languages:
    Read Single PM - read a single PM by typing in pmtextid
    Minimum length for each search term, and the ability to disable it
    userids now displayed next to user (From, To and BCC)
    userids are now click-able and linked to their admincp user profile, so user can be edited (ie prune all PMs from a spammer)
    A more complete message is displayed if admin user is not super administrator, it has a link to vBulletin manual
    To column to Lastest X PMs
    To column to the recieved section of Read A User's PMs
    To and From columns to Search for PMs
    A lot of the formatting has been changed to make it look better (that is just my opinion)
    Extra links to various functions for each user
    Other things I can not think of right now
    Additional Features exclusive to the "PM Management Suite" (Paid Version):
    Fully phrased via vBulletin phrases.
    Minimum search length for key word search works differently than the lite version.
    List all users with PMs - grouped by username.
    When reading a PM, an entry next to each user which indicates if they have read their copy of the PM, if their copy is unread, or if they have deleted their copy.
    Edit a PM (affects all copies of that PM for all users that have it).
    Paginated throughout.
    Delete a pmid (a reference to a particular PM from a single user).
    Delete multiple selected pmids (references to a particular PM from selected users).
    Delete a pmtextid (a particular PM from all users).
    Delete multiple selected pmtextids (selected PMs from all users).
    Administrator access and use of these functions is controlled by Administrator permissions, with the AdminCP menu only being visible to Administrators that have been given permission.
    This product has context sensitive help throughout each of the functions.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I hide the Read PMs link?
    The only way to do so, is to not upload cpnav_rpm.xml and to use a shortcut/bookmark to http://<your-forum-path-here>/admincp/read_pms.php? instead.
    Can you add a feature/functionality to this hack (edit PM, delete PM, pagination, sort users alphabetically [not just by number of PMs] etc,.)?
    These features are included in my paid product PM Management Suite 3.
    How do I fix the following error when I upgrade to PHP 5.3.x and above?
    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in xxxxxx
    The fix is available here - http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showp...&postcount=235
    vBulletin Version Compatibility
    This hack can be used with vBulletin versions 3.6.0 - 3.8.7. This may even work for v3.5.x (but has not been tested).
    The version of this hack that is compatible with vBulletin v4.0.0 or later versions is available here.
    Hack Support
    IMPORTANT: This hack is now feature complete and I will NOT be adding further features, apart from fixing proven bugs and adding additional language files.
    I will provide support for this hack in this thread only, and only for people who have clicked on Marked as Installed. I do not provide support via Private Message, Instant Messenger or Email.
    Support for this hack is in its unaltered form, and does not include supporting alterations to this hack, custom code, custom template edits and integration with other third-party hacks.
    I will only add features to this hack if I find the request interesting and would find it useful to have on one of my sites.
    As with all of the hacks I release for free, I code for fun and code hacks the way I like them, then release them so you can benefit. If I am not interested in adding a feature, do not take offence, it is that is a feature that does not interest me personally.
    There is a small unobtrusive block of copyright branding text at the bottom of each page generated by this hack, which is there to promote my work and allow you to use this hack for free.
    You are NOT allowed to remove my copyright branding from this hack.
    If you wish to remove the visible copyright branding from this hack, then you can do so by purchasing a life-time multi-site Read PMs (PM Management Suite Lite) - Branding Free Subscription at Wolfshead Solutions.
    Removal of the copyright branding without purchase of a branding-free license will be considered as a breach of copyright, and I will take the matter further.
    Install/Uninstall Instructions
    The readme.txt instructions file is included in attached .zip file. The upgrade instructions are exactly the same as the install instructions.
    Official Language Files (included in the zip file):
    read_pms_eng.php - English by Mosh
    read_pms_ita.php - Italian by anonymous
    read_pms_deu.php - German by Speedy1505
    read_pms_bra.php - Brazilian/Portuguese by Setokaiba (SW)
    read_pms_esp.php - Spanish by cloferba
    read_pms_tur.php - Turkish by Adem GENÇ
    read_pms_fre.php - French by Dadoo
    NOTE: If you have the spare time and can provide a translation into your language, that would be great. The below would be how to do it and have it posted here:
    Create a copy of read_pms_eng.php renaming it to read_pms_XXX.php (where XXX is the 3 letter ISO code for your language) and edit for a list of phrases that you will need to translate.
    Once you have translated all 74 phrases, edit read_pms.php and edit the line define('LANGUAGE_FILE', 'read_pms_eng'); and change read_pms_eng to the name of your language file read_pms_XXX (where XXX is the 3 letter ISO code for your language) and save the file.
    Upload both files to your /admincp folder and check the translation works.
    Once you have a working language file, post it here, it will be edited to add your name as the official translator for that language. It will then be added to the hack, a new version (with the language file in the official zip and an extra entry will be added to read_pms_XXX.php to easily change to the language) will be released and the language and your name will be added to the translation list as a credit for your work.
    Version History
    v3.8.17 - Saturday 15th January 2011
    -- Altered: updated 3 phrases in the Turkish language file "read_pms_tur.php"
    v3.8.16 - Sunday 9th January 2011
    -- Added: French language file "read_pms_fre.php" - thanks to Dadoo
    -- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
    -- Updated: Instructions
    v3.8.15 - Saturday 8th January 2011
    -- Added: Turkish language file "read_pms_tur.php" - thanks to Adem GENÇ
    -- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
    -- Updated: Instructions
    v3.8.014 - Sunday 23rd August 2009
    -- Added: Spanish language file "read_pms_esp.php" - thanks to cloferba
    -- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
    -- Updated: Instructions
    v3.8.013 - Friday 14th August 2009
    -- Added: Brazilian (Portuguese) language file "read_pms_bra.php" - thanks to Setokaiba (SW)
    -- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
    -- Updated: Instructions
    v3.8.012 - Thursday 13th August 2009
    -- Added: German language file "read_pms_deu.php" - thanks to Speedy1505
    -- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
    -- Updated: Instructions
    v3.8.011 - Wednesday 12th August 2009
    -- Added: Italian language file "read_pms_ita.php" - author wishes to remain anonymous
    -- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
    -- Updated: Instructions on how to change language files
    v3.8.010 - Saturday 25th July 2009
    -- Fixed: Typo on line 63 of 'readpms.php' - thanks to Andrea (Silvio)
    -- Fixed: Typo on line 171 of 'readpms.php' - thanks to macc
    -- Fixed: Typo on line 476 of 'readpms.php'
    -- Fixed: Typo on line 483 of 'readpms.php'
    v3.8.009 - Monday 6th July 2009
    -- Fixed: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() error a very small percentage of people were experiencing
    -- Added: 1 phrase
    v3.8.008 - Saturday 4rd July 2009
    -- Fixed: Several missing </div>s
    -- Fixed: Uncached BBCode templates (save up-to 4 queries when viewing a PM)
    -- Added: New English language phrase file - 74 new phrases
    -- Added: 'To' column to 'Lastest X PMs'
    -- Added: 'To' column to the recieved section of 'Read A User's PMs'
    -- Added: 'To' and 'From' columns to 'Search for PMs'
    -- Updated: A virtual re-write of the base code to remove all the hard-coded phrases
    v3.8.007 - Thursday 2nd July 2009
    -- Fixed: Now correctly parses BBCode Tags !!!
    -- Added: Correct header when viewing single PMs
    -- Updated: Screenshots
    v3.8.006 - Tuesday 31st March 2009
    -- Fixed: High server load when finding PMs for single user id or username
    -- Fixed: Problems with hacks that have custom BBCode being called by the "bbcode_fetch_tags" file hook
    v3.8.005 - Saturday 28th March 2009
    -- Added: Read Single PM - read a single PM by typing in pmtextid
    -- Added: Ability to disable the limit minimum length a key search word can be
    v3.8.004 - Friday 27th March 2009
    -- Changed: Layout of PM lists, individual PMs, sent/received PMs, Search Results
    -- Fixed: High server load when clicking List Users with PMs, especially if there are 1000s of users that have PMs (now split into categories acording to how many PMs a user has)
    -- Removed: From info for individual users sent PMs
    -- Added: Constant to limit minimum length a key search word can be, to limit higher server loads when trying to search for a keyword with a length of 1 (ie. "a"). This minimum is currently set at 4, but can be altered by editing read_pms.php)
    -- Added: Various links (depending what function you are using) to view all a users PMs, go to the users pmstats page, edit the user and send the user a PM
    v3.8.003 - Thursday 26th March 2009
    -- Fixed: The Plain Text BBcode parser version of the PM message body was stretching the screen too wide, now word wraps
    v3.8.002 - Thursday 26th March 2009
    -- Fixed: The unparsed version of the PM message body was stretching the screen too wide, now instead of just leaving unparsed, I have used the Plain Text BBcode parser instead.
    v3.8.001 - Tuesday 24th March 2009
    -- Initial Release